About Balozi Sacco


About Balozi Sacco

Balozi Co-operative Savings and Credit Society Ltd was founded and registered in 1975 under the Co-operative Society Act. The objectives for which the Society was established have been as follows:

i. To encourage thrift among its members by according them an opportunity to accumulate savings;

ii. To create and develop a source of funds for lending to qualified members at comparatively low and reasonable rates of interest;

iii. To provide an opportunity for its individual members to improve their respective economic and social conditions-, and;

iv. To perform the functions and exercise the powers designated for savings and credit co-operative societies under the applicable law.                          

Receipt of savings as shares and deposits as well as disbursing loans to its members remain the Society's principal activities.



Currently, Balozi SACCO draws its membership from the following:US Embassy, USAID, US Peace Corps, Kemri WRP/CDC, Usamru-K, Canadian Embassy, B.B.C., Chemonics, D.A.I., Israel Embassy, KK Security, Land O'Lakes Inc, H.J.F., G.I.S., Ampath Plus, Affiliates, Spouses and ABT Associates Inc.

Requirements for membership

  • Not less than 18 years old
  • Member from the common bond
  • A person of good character
  • Completed the membership application form
  • Paid registration fee
  • Abide by the By-Laws
  • Signed allotment form


Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

“A model financial institution offering excellent solutions”.


Mission Statement
“To provide superior products and services that meet members’ needs and promote sustainable growth”


Core Values

i. Integrity: We are committed to acting in an honest, impartial, fair and transparent manner.


ii. Team work:  We are committed to building corporate ideals to fully tap the rich and multi-skilled human resource base of Balozi SACCO to achieve our mandate. Employees’ involvement at all levels shall our hallmark.


iii. Professionalism:  We are committed to upholding the highest standards in our service delivery to all stakeholders.


iv. Innovation: We are committed to encouraging innovation and creativity in the Society.


Core Functions

The following have been the core functions of Balozi SACCO

i. Mobilization of savings from members: Mobilisation of savings has remained one of the key functions of Balozi since its inception. As at 31st December 2019, members' deposits were Ksh. 2.641 billion while the Share Capital was Ksh. 64.933 million.

ii. Giving loans to members: Giving loans to its members has been the other key function for Balozi. These consist of Development, Instant, Emergency, School Fees, Quick Pesa, Okoa Advance and M-Cash loans. The total amount of credit as at 31st December 2019 was Kshs. 3.502 billion.

iii. Undertaking investments: Balozi has made Investments in the form of ordinary shares in Co-operative Bank Ltd, KUSCCO and CIC. 

iv. Providing education, training and information to members and staff: The Society identifies and avails education, information and training to its members and staff.